Models of the Criminal Justice System

Models of the Criminal Justice System - someone they should...

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Models of the Criminal Justice System The two models are both here to protect us citizens. That being said, the differences between the two are that the crime control method is centered on the police. This is also the model where court cases are put through a sort of assembly line (Wadsworth, 2006). The due process model is centered on the courts. The courts in this model, may be forced to let a guilty person go free due to the court not following all of the legal actions to a “T”. Although both of these systems can be effective in their own way, I believe that the most effective model is the crime control model. I believe that if a criminal has killed
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Unformatted text preview: someone, they should not be allowed to walk freely just because the court missed a small legal hoop that they had to jump through. I believe that with the crime control model, the guilty are more likely to be put in jail or prison where they belong. I do however believe that we need both of the models for our society to function as a whole. I do not believe that we should allow for only one model to be present in society. Reference: Wadsworth, . (2006). Criminal Justice in Action: The Core . ....
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