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Causation of Crime checkpoint

Causation of Crime checkpoint - 1 CheckPoint Causation of...

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1. CheckPoint: Causation of Crime An effective approach to understanding the criminal mind is to look at the theories and statistical trends that influence the causation of crime. Resources: pp. 30–43 of Criminal Justice in Action Write a 350- to 700-word response addressing the following points: Compare and contrast two theories on the causation of crime. Choose one crime trend outlined in the text and explain its relationship to one of the crime theories you just compared. Relate this crime trend to your specific geographical area (city or state). Support your findings with statistics. Summarize your findings. Post your CheckPoint as an attachment. The choice theory and the sociological theory are two different theories on the causation of crime. Although they are different, they seem to coincide quite well. The choice theory can be summed up very simply. In the choice theory, a person chooses to do a crime.
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