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The three most important law enforcement agencies to me are the sheriff, the state, and the federal. The sheriff has many important duties. Some of this is search and rescue. The sheriff can vary in size. They have to follow state law more than they have to follow any city laws. The sheriff is also voted in, unlike local police where they are just simply hired in. Because the sheriff is voted in, they can be unstable, meaning they can change out as soon as every two years. The Sheriff is effective because they deal with petty crimes all the way up murder crimes. The state law enforcements is also very useful. They not only patrol the highways, but they assist local police. One big advantage that the state has is that they can jump
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Unformatted text preview: jurisdiction lines to arrest a criminal; where as local police have to stay in their jurisdiction. Another thing that the state law enforcement can do is go patrol places that are rural that do not have a local police. They are mostly effective because they are not stuck in a specific area like local or sheriff. The federal agencies are in my opinion one of the most effective and organized. They have no jurisdiction, they can patrol the whole country. They are so well organized also. They are broken down into many different specialized agencies. There are agencies that deal with border patrol, and agencies that deal with high profile criminals. They usually are the most effective when it comes to solving bigger cases....
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