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I believe that the police had conducted a lawful search and seizure on both persons. Person 1 gave probable cause for a search and seizure because he was wearing an oversize coat in the middle of summer, this gave the police probable cause to question him. Another reason that it was lawful, was because he matched the description of height that was given for the robberies. Person 2 was lawfully searched because the police had a warrant for search and seizure. The suspect’s Fourth Amendment rights were not violated to the best of my knowledge. I believe that both times the searches were reasonable. There was probable cause for both cases. The first person having the probable cause of the oversized jacket and the height description, the second person having been lead to by a confession from the first person during interrogation. The evidence that led me to those conclusions was that the first person had the height description along with the oversized coat that held a gun and some of the stolen goods. The second person had been searched with a warrant because the first person had given
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