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Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines - Jeffrey Witt Business Policy and...

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Jeffrey Witt Business Policy and Strategy Southwest Airlines Case Study Group #6 Southwest Airlines Case Study “From day one, Southwest had pursued a low-cost/low-price/no-frills strategy. Its signature low fares made air travel affordable to a wide segment of the U.S. population—giving substance to the company’s tag line “The Freedom to Fly”. It employed a relatively simple fare structure featuring low, unrestricted, unlimited, everyday coach fares, as well as even lower fares on a restricted basis.” Implementing a structured pricing system as one of the key policies, procedures, operating practices, and core values that underlie Southwest’s efforts to implement and execute its low-cost/no frills strategy. In addition they also used a Rapid Rewards program for their frequent-flyer program, increased customer satisfaction by presenting a happy face to their passengers, gradually expanded into new geographic markets, and added flights in areas where rivals were cutting back service.
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