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Marketing Paper 3 EDITED

Marketing Paper 3 EDITED - Jeffrey Witt Droid X Cell Phone...

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Jeffrey Witt Droid X Cell Phone Professor Lee Paper #3 Marketing Strategy Section 1: Target Markets With the majority of people requiring mobile devices the optimal consumer market must be refined down to those who have a high level of profitability. The technology in the telecommunications sector is constantly and rapidly improving, to the point that separating long term from short term customers is not necessary. The goal is to achieve maximum profitability while the product is still relevant and in demand. The ideal target customers for cell phones are men and women from age 18 to 35. This ideal customer range can best be broken down into two sub customer markets of men and woman from 18 to 24 and men and woman from 25 to 35. The potential customers that Verizon Wireless wants to communicate with and persuade to purchase the Droid X smart phone is anyone who has the need or want for a new cell phone. However they are not trying to target all of those people and instead are focusing on the more profitable consumer market.
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