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H.W. (4)-Article Review [Type the document title] 1 1. What is the position or hypothesis of the author? The author appears to place the majority of the blame for the D.C. water crisis on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The article implies that EPA did not calculate any of the water problems and avoided the need for changes to water quality regulations and testing. The article also appears to suggest that the EPA was trying to cover up lead contamination. 2. What evidence/data does she use to support her position? In the article she refers to research by scientist who study corrosion in drinking water systems ( Marc Edward and Michael Schock). She included a test conducted by Shcock in which PbO 2 were discovered in D.C. water pipe lines. Also, she provided graphs showing lab experiments conducted by Edward’s in which he suggests lead can transfer from pipes even though new sections are replaced with copper lines. Renner also refers to scientists that spoke anonymously about the crisis and believes the Lead and Copper
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