Port of Singapore as an Asian logistics centre

Port of Singapore as an Asian logistics centre - Port...

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Port Economics. Chapter 3. Complementary Reading Port of Singapore as an Asian logistics centre United Nations (2002) Taking advantage of the growing trend for MNCs to establish central logistics centres (CLCs) in Asia, Singapore has emerged as the logistics leader in Asia, similar to the Netherlands’ position in Europe. Singapore has all the necessary infrastructure support. It has world-class seaports and airports, excellent infrastructure, an efficient telecommunication network, a pro-business environment, intensive use of information technology, wide-ranging logistics capabilities, as well as a skilled and professional workforce. The combination of these factors has helped Singapore to become a modern hub of international trade and a base of operations for a large number of multinational and regional companies. Over 5,000 MNCs have chosen Singapore as their Southeast Asian logistics/distribution hub. The logistics companies in Singapore, which number over 6,000, provide comprehensive services to the MNCs, including transport, forwarding, warehousing, and distribution. Most of them are located in distriparks. When manufacturing began to shift from higher-cost countries like Japan to Southeast Asian countries in the 1980s, the Government of Singapore embarked on an active campaign to develop the city-state into a transshipment hub for products originating in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. It also began to actively encourage MNCs and a number of international logistics service providers to locate in Singapore, and to establish their regional or global distribution centres in Singapore through various incentive schemes such as pioneer status, tax exemptions, and so on. National Semi-Conductors set up a single worldwide distribution centre in Singapore by using FedEx
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Port of Singapore as an Asian logistics centre - Port...

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