5 - Liner freight rateL CHINA OCEAN FREIGHT TARIFF NO.6(1)...

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Liner freight rateL CHINA OCEAN FREIGHT TARIFF NO.6 (1) 1. L General principlesL (1) Scope applicable This Tariff is applicable to all cargoes shipped to and from the ports of the People’Republic of China and ports in the areas where sailings are covered by this Tariff. All terms and conditions provided herein should be considered incorporated with the articles of the Bill of Lading and should be adhered by both the Ship and Cargo Interests. (2) Currency All rates, additional charges or fees in this Tariff are in USD. and nett. 2L Payment of freight 1. Method of Payment (1)Prepayable. All freight and other charges should be paid before the issuance of Bill of Lading. (2)Payable at Destination. All freight and other charges should be paid before delivery of the cargo. 2. Payable in currency other than USD. Irrespective whether freight and other charges are prepayable at loading port or payable at destination or payable in a third place. It should be in transferable currency. In case, freight is payable at a third place, the cargo interests should provide the name and detailed address of the payer in due time. 3. Freight Must Be Prepaid for the Following cargo (2) . 2 Deck cargo, Refrigerated Cargo, Bulk Oil, Bulk Latex( h ), Livestock, Fresh Cargo, Personal Effects, Household Goods and Perishable cargo. 4. Freight must be prepaid at loading port on all cargo for transshipment Bill of Lading, except otherwise agreement arranged. 3L Conversion Tables v 1cubic meter=35.3148 cubic feet 1 cubic foot =0.028317 cubic meter 1 metric ton=0.9842 long ton=1.1023 short ton 1 long ton =1.016 metric ton 1 short ton=0.9072 metric ton
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4L Alteration of rates h 4 1. Any charge levied provisionally by the Government or Local Port Authority of the port of transshipment of discharging cargo should be borne by the Consignees and they should effect payment before taking delivery of the cargo. 2. Notice of amendment would be distributed accordingly for alteration of rates, increase or decrease of additionals, insertion or deletion of commodities and adjustment to standard of calculation or class of commodity. 5L Amendment of freight h 4 Amendment of freight must be put forward to Carrier or its Agents within four months after Ship’s departure. After it is checked and found actually wrong, Carrier or its agents should draw up an amendment note and arrange for the refund or collection. 6h Limitation of liability h 4 In case Carrier is requested to be responsible for value in excess of Bill of Lading limitation of liability for carriage of valuable goods including Ad Valorem cargo, Shippers should declare price of cargo (FOB price) on the shipping order and pay an additional of 1% of cargo value. 7L
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5 - Liner freight rateL CHINA OCEAN FREIGHT TARIFF NO.6(1)...

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