6 - ð charter-partyh(Voyage charter-party GENCON(Standard...

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Unformatted text preview: ð charter-partyh (Voyage charter-party ) GENCON (Standard C/P Form) (1) 1.Shipbroker RECOMMENDED THE BALTIC AND INTERNATIONAL MARITIME COUNCIL UNIFORM GENERAL CHARTER(AS REVISED 1922,1976 AND 1994)(To be used for trades for which no specially approved form is in force) CODE NAME: “GENCON” PART I 2.Place and date 3. Owners/Place of business(Cl.1) 4.Charterers/Place of business (Cl.1) 5.Vessel’s name (Cl.1) 6.GT/NT (Cl.1) 7.DWT all told on summer load line in metric tons(abt.)( Cl.1) 8.Present position (Cl.1) 9.Expected ready to load(abt.) (Cl.1) 10.Loading port or place (Cl.1) 11.Discharging port or place (Cl.1) 12.cargo (also state quantity and margin in Owners’ option, if agreed; if full and complete cargo not agreed state “part cargo”) (Cl.1) 13.Freight rate(also state whether freight prepaid or payable on delivery) (Cl.4) 14.Freight payment (state currency and method of payment; also beneficiary and bank account) (Cl.4) 15.State if vessel’s cargo handling gear shall not be used(Cl.5) 16.Laytime( if separate laytime for load. And disch. Is agreed, fill in a) and b). If total laytime for load. And disch., fill in c) only) (Cl.6) a)Laytime for loading b)Laytime for discharging c)Total laytime for loading and discharging 17.Shippers/Place of business(Cl.6) 18.Agents(loading) (Cl.6) 19. Agents(discharging) (Cl.6) 20.Demurrage rate and manner payable(loading and discharging) (Cl.7) 21.Cancelling date (Cl.19) 22.General Average to be adjusted at (Cl.12) 23.Freight Tax(state if for the Owners’ account) (Cl.13(c)) 24. Brokerage commission and to whom payable(Cl.15) 25.Law and Arbitration (state 19(a),19(b) or 19(c) of Cl.19; if 19(c) agreed also state Place of Arbitration )(if not filled in 19(a) shall apply)(Cl.19) (a) State maximum amount for small claims/shortened arbitration (Cl. 19) 26.Additional clauses covering special provisions, if agreed It is mutually agreed that this Contract shall be performed subject to the conditions contained in this Charter Party which shall include Part I as well as Part II. In the event of a conflict of conditions, the provisions of Part I shall prevail over those of Part II to the extent of such conflict. Signature(Owners) Signature(Charterers) 55 Part II “Gencon” Charter (As Revised 1922, 1976 and 1994) 1. It is agreed between the party mentioned in Box 3 as the Owners of the Vessel named in Box 5, of the GT/NT indicated in Box 6 and carrying about the number of metric tons of deadweight capacity all told on summer loadline stated in Box7. now in position as stated in Box 8and expected ready to load under this Charter Party about the date indicated in Box 9, and the party mentioned as the Charterers in Box 4 that: The said Vessel shall, as soon as her prior commitments have been completed, proceed to the loading port(s) or place(s) stated in Box 10 or so near thereto as she may safely get and lie always afloat, and there load a full and complete cargo (if shipment of deck cargo agreed same to be at the Charterers’ risk and responsibility ) as stated in Box 12, which the Charters bind...
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6 - ð charter-partyh(Voyage charter-party GENCON(Standard...

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