Check Point Energy Resource Challenges

Check Point Energy Resource Challenges - to your home, and...

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Check Point: Energy Resource Challenges o Describe all of the renewable energy alternatives presented in the video. o What are some challenges with using and managing these alternative, renewable energy resources? o Describe at least one other renewable energy resource not presented in the video. o Discuss challenges related to continued use of nonrenewable energy resources such as coal, oil, and natural gas. All renewable energy alternatives are: Wind Power- windmills that are activated by the sun and wind to produce a clean and exhaust free source of energy. Solar Power- Sun light hits a solar panel and is transformed into useable energy. Biomass Energy- Products such as wood chips, trash, manure etc can be transformed into fuel. Not everyone can afford to convert their homes and businesses to renewable energy. With wind energy, you would need to have a lot of room in order to put up a windmill next
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Unformatted text preview: to your home, and in different cities, the laws are not going to allow something like that in your back yard. As for solar energy, certain places dont see the sun a lot, so how would they build up their energy sources if they didnt have sunlight? Lastly, Biomass energy has challenges because of the cost and the resources needed to convert different products to useable fuel. Another energy source is hydrogen energy, which is the use of flowing water and converting it into energy. Our public transportation is utilizing hydrogen energy and helping the environment by not letting off toxic emissions. We have a high demand for coal, oil and natural gases but the amount of resources we have doesnt meet our demand. These nonrenewable energy resources put of harmful chemicals into the environment. The cost to use these different resources is very expensive....
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Check Point Energy Resource Challenges - to your home, and...

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