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Individual assignment - Each of us is a unique individual...

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Each of us is a unique individual with our own personality. Personality has been influenced by the heredity and the factors from the environment such as family background, education systems, workplace… Due to this difference, each person will have different responses in the same situation. When I was in the university, I felt that human resource management is not necessary because it is an easy task, human being would be different slightly. However, after graduating and working for 3 years, I have changed my mind and I realize that human resource management is an interesting duties. Since then, I feel absorb in psychology because I would like to know more about human personality. As much as I know, I can understand more about other people, or even myself. For a long time, I thought that I understand myself much but now, I think differently. The first time I check the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) without doing the real test, I believed that I would be INTP type. However, one week later, I did the real test and I was very surprised that I am truly INTJ – ‘Introverted Intuition with Thinking’ (Myers & McCaulley, 1985: 29). After reading the brief description of INTJ, I find out that there are many similarities between myself and this type. Myers and McCaulley (1985) commended this type is ‘the most independent of all the types, sometimes to the point of being stubborn’. Stubborn is the most popular recommendation that I have heard about myself from others. For examples, when I debate for an argument of one matter, I always try to find the reasoning to protect my thinking if necessary. I just want to have the suitable explanations for my own thinking meanwhile others think that I am so stubborn and argumentative. I would like to understand more about myself by analyzing it based on MBTI According to Myers & Myers (1980), introversion (I) and extraversion (E) is the two complimentary orientations to life and they will concentrate on the inner world or outer world. As I belong to type I, I prefer to live in my own world than the outer world. After a long working day, I like to be at home, enjoy the relaxing time with my families peacefully with my usual habits of reading books at home or walking alone near my home. During this peaceful moment, I feel really relaxed and free from my daily problems. Meanwhile, much of my friends prefer hanging out. Sometimes I feel hard to Huong Thi Que Nguyen – 16382624 - 1 -
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talk with them because we have different thoughts and viewpoints. Their main topics are about fashions, cosmetics, their own relations… while I would like to think and talk about life, about what I have learnt from my working. I have just only two closed friends whom I can share my secrets, my deep hurt whenever I have or even crying before them without feeling shy. It’s so right when Kroeger & Thuesen (1987) wrote about type I ‘like to share special occasions with just one other person or perhaps a few close friends’ (Kroeger & Thuesen, 1987: 15). In working, I realized that I have high productivity in a
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Individual assignment - Each of us is a unique individual...

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