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Regalado 1 Sam Regalado Permission granted to Professor Park be graded only in Sociology 3501 relation to readings. 29 September 2009 Critical Essay Exam #1 1. Love is a necessary force to create a strong family. To keep the family happy, romantic love is also necessary between the parents. Stephanie Coontz argues in her book, The Way We Never Were , that romantic love was a necessity most families lacked during the 1950’s. The popular portrayal of the “perfect family” in shows like “Leave it to Beaver” was a false representation of American family society. Essentially, romantic love was lacking and it created particular expectations for the family. The typical 1950’s family developed around norms that involved false love. For the 1950’s family, a loving family existed when there was a dominant father and a subservient, home-making mother. This love that parents shared however was false. The majority of parents in the 1950’s expressed that their marriages were unhappy (Coontz, 36). Yet popular shows like “Leave it to Beaver” and “Ozzie and Harriet” portrayed very happy and wholesome families. Oddly enough, these families were structured just the same as all those unhappy families in real life. The media just put a positive spin on it. The typical 1950’s nuclear family consisted of two parents and children. This family, portrayed in the two shows, was the social norm and was considered acceptable. The roles parents played were also considered acceptable. However the parents, especially mothers, were often unhappy. This type of family formed from many years of other social norms that were eventually incorporated into family life. For centuries, the father was seen as the “breadwinner”
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Regalado 2 of the family. Men were expected to work during the day, and be the power figure in the house. Women were expected to stay home.
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Critical Essay 1 - Regalado 1 Sam Regalado Professor Park...

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