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Final Paper - Political - Regalado 1 Sam Regalado Carolyn...

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Regalado 1 Sam Regalado Carolyn Lee HIST 1301W 15 December 2008 Political Authority and Popular Opinion 1848-1860 Maintaining political authority in antebellum America is one of the hardest jobs for any politician. In pre-Civil War America, this job was especially difficult because a war would tear the nation apart and threaten the future of the Union. As the United States became more and more divided between the North and South, the American public chose elected officials sympathetic to their cause. This created sharp divisions within American politics, and the nation continued to divide along the North and South. Abolitionists with a great deal of political authority also added to this unrest. As the nation grew more rebellious, the political authorities Stephen Douglas, Abraham Lincoln, and Frederick Douglass attempted to sway voters to their vision of a successful future for America. Success for America meant keeping the nation unified physically and in thought. To keep the nation together, the public needed to share common beliefs. This was very difficult because the United States was clearly divided between the northern and southern states. As the nation neared war from 1848 to 1860, political authorities had the most power. Maintaining power over a rebellious nation proved difficult though. Politicians decided the fate of the country and specifically the future of slavery. Each politician had a different view of how to handle the issue of slavery. Citizens sided with politicians, creating divisions within the government as well. Every politician understood that a nation divided politically and socially could not prosper. Therefore, each politician had to find an avenue for slavery that would lead
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Final Paper - Political - Regalado 1 Sam Regalado Carolyn...

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