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Regalado 1 Sam Regalado Professor Hakim History 4961W 6 February 2010 Topic Statement and Questions 1. My research topic deals with French and American relations between the years of 1763-1783. During this time, the American Revolution occurred and was successful with French support. More specifically, I want to concentrate on the French naval blockade that cornered General Cornwallis at Yorktown, effectively ending the military fighting of the war. It is widely debated that the American Revolution could not have been won without the aid of French forces. I agree with this stance in every respect. Nevertheless, I find it hard to believe that England, superior to America in both army and navy, could not win the war. Therefore, I want to research why Cornwallis surrendered and if the French blockade was really that successful. This will require researching relations between these three nations as well. 2. The French naval blockade resulted in the surrender of General Cornwallis who was the commander of English forces. His surrender to George Washington ended the fighting of the American Revolution in 1781. Although the war did not officially end until 1783, the fighting ended in 1781. Cornwallis surrendered because his escape route to sea was blocked by French ships. Without this blockade, he could have escaped north up the American coastline and the war could have continued indefinitely. The French blockade prevented this and ensured that the United States could safely form. 3. My knowledge on this topic is very limited because this was not the topic I had been considering for the past three months. I have decided to concentrate more on the actual
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Regalado 2 blockade because it presents more of an argument for me and a wider range of sources. I have consulted many sources dealing with Benjamin Franklin and his relations as an American delegate to France asking for military support. However, since I do not disagree with any arguments about Franklin, I thought it best to switch to dealing with the blockade directly. There are many arguments surrounding the blockade as to whether or not it was successful. Many historians argue that this was the main reason why Americans won the war. I want to explore this further. While I agree with most of that statement, I do not fully agree. I also do not agree with the blind sentiment this single argument offers. 4.
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Topic and Questions - Regalado 1 Sam Regalado Professor...

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