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Unformatted text preview: Logical Fallacies Ad Hominems (Ad-Homs) – This involves insulting or attacking the person rather than the person’s argument. It’s also referred to as name-calling. Ex: “Timbo’s arguments are stupid because he’s a Gator Fan.” Inconsistency – This is a contradiction or tension between different parts of an argument. Sometimes it is between multiple arguments. Ex: “Individuals should have the freedom to make decisions. In particular, we do not trust the government to regulate our personal lives. Marijuana should be illegal, though.” Post-Hoc – This assumes a causal relationship simply because one thing follows another. Ex: “They are 41-1 when they kneel the ball at the end of the game.” Spuriousness – This refers to other things that could have produced the effect. Ex: “I drank 16 beers and then a bunch of bikini models showed up. Drinking beer must attract bikini models.” Ambiguity – This involves using a word or phrase in a way that its meaning is not clear; or it can create...
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