5) The Winning of the West

5) The Winning of the West - The Winning of the West...

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The Winning of the West Continual intrusions of white into their sacred land Battle of the Little Bighorn, June 25, 1876 General Custer decides to chase and kill Indian warriors o 2 divisions (Reno, Benteen) o Well over 40 warriors, actually an Indian village o Unfamiliar with geography and the massive numbers of Indians o Kill horses to create a cover for his men o Worst military disaster in history (7 th Calvary wiped out) Within months this battle is eulogized o Francis Whitaker publishes a book that celebrates Custer as a hero and blame loss on Reno and Benteen o Custer got to the top by being smart and hard working o Clashing cultures, dramatic events and deaths George Armstrong Custer, 1839-1875 Born to poor parents in Ohio Always moving around looking for opportunities Valued the value of education West Pointe: duty and honor learned drive the way he lives his life Fought in first battle of civil war: Bull Run o Instrumental in final battle Reject traditional American lifestyle, chooses life of cowboy Montana: finds great beautiful land for settling Walt Whitman eulogizes him in a poem, sacrificial lamb for the winning of the west All propaganda, truth and reality don’t match up Republicans want to open the west to give opportunity and freedom to average people
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  • Spring '11
  • JessicaPliley
  • Native Americans in the United States, George Armstrong Custer, Dawes Act, private land ownership, Indians Kill horses, railroad policy

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5) The Winning of the West - The Winning of the West...

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