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6)The Taming of the West 1870s

6)The Taming of the West 1870s - The Taming of the West...

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The Taming of the West 1870s-1900s The Frontier Thesis (Frederick Jackson Turner) 1843: delivered keynote address at historian association o Argues that historical significance can be found on the edges o Edge between savagery and civilization o Unique white American race Through farming and civilizing land draws us away from democratic practices West and frontier is what creates America Manifest destiny opened up land for settlement West was the idea of opportunity for Americans o Challenging weather, corporate dominance Plight of Western Farmers Increased Agricultural Productivity o Machines bought on credit (go into debt to get ahead) o 1/3 of wheat sales are being shipped outside U.S. Because of global competition; subject to changes in wheat prices Global competition o Competitive prices o Produce more to cover debt, but prices plummet Debt o Freight rates (controlled by railroad company and storing rates) o Mortgages (purchased from railroad companies) o Machines o Because the railroad company had the best land; farmers are dependent on them o System of borrowing to try and cover their debt; seasonal borrowing
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Climate o West of the 98 th meridian (very arid, treeless, not a lot of rain, flat, easy to farm) o
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