Chapter 3 - Exam 3 48 An organizations goals and objectives...

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Exam 3 48) An organization s ʹ goals and objectives are determined by its . A) brand image B) business processes 49) Which of the following is incorrect with regard to the process of organizational strategy formulation? A) Organizational goals and objectives determine the competitive strategy. B) The business processes determine the structure of the information systems. C) The value chains determine the business processes. D) The strategy determines the value chains.
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50) Organizational strategy begins with an assessment of the . A) business processes of the organization B) organizational strategy C) organizational goals and objectives D) fundamental characteristics and structure of an industry 50) 51) Which of the following represent the correct sequence of events in the value chain? A) value chain; competitive strategy; information process; business process B) business process; information systems; value chain; competitive strategy C) information systems; business process; competitive strategy; value chain D) competitive strategy; value chain; business process; information systems 51) 52) Porter s ʹ five forces model states that the intensity of the competitive forces determines all of the following except industry . A) profitability B) competition C) characteristics D) segmentation 52) 53) KlenZing Services, a pest control firm, aims to increase customer loyalty by offering extra services like fumigation and window cleaning free for three months after an order. Which of the five forces in Porter s ʹ model is Klenzing addressing here? A) bargaining power of customers B) threat of new entrants C) bargaining power of suppliers D) threat of substitution 53) 54) The threat of new entrants is low for . A) corner latte shops B) ivy league universities C) convenience store D) used car dealerships 54) 55) Which of the following has a high threat of substitution? A) Darunavir, an anti -HIV treatment B) choice of domestic airlines C) Dell s ʹ purchase of hard drives D) choice of a ticket for the 2012 Olympics 55) 56) Which of the following situations represents a strong bargaining power of suppliers? A) fashion outlet during recessionary times B) bank liquidating during fire sale C) coffee farmers during a frost season D) oil -exporting countries during a low price season for gas 56) 57) An organization responds to the structure of its industry by choosing a . A) brand image
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Chapter 3 - Exam 3 48 An organizations goals and objectives...

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