Chapter 5 - Exam 5 MULT I P L E C HOICE. Choose t he one a...

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Exam 5 MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 68) A is a self -describing collection of integrated records. A) storage folder B) database C) file system D) grid network 68) 69) In a database system, a is the smallest piece of data. A) file B) record C) field D) byte 69) 70) A byte is a . A) primary memory system B) character of data C) file system D) record of data 70) 71) Bytes are grouped into columns, which in turn are grouped into . A) rows B) files C) fields D) bits 71) 72) A collection of similar records is called a . A) database B) matrix C) field D) file 72) 73) A group of columns that identify a unique table row is a . A) record B) field C) column D) key 73) 74) In a relational database, a collection of related records is a(n) . A) table B) field C) application D) file 74) 75) A(n) is a column or group of columns that identifies a unique row in a table. A) metadata B) record C) key D) attribute 75) 76) A more formal name for a table is a(n) . A) attribute B) relation C) record D) key 76) 77) Columns that belong to a different table than the one in which they reside are called . A) foreign keys B) relational databases C) relational files D) parallel records 77)
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78) Metadata are . A) data that describe data B) a collection of data over a period of time C) binaries that encode data on to the memory D) data on the main server 78) 79) Users access databases through a(n) . A) relational database system B) relational report system C) operating system D) database application program 79) 80) softwares assist in creating, maintaining, and manipulating databases. A) KMS B) DBMS C) Database application D) Operating system 80) 81) Which of the following is not an example of a database product? A) Oracle B) Access C) MySQL D) Ubuntu 81) 82) The components of a database application system include all of the following except . A) DBMS software B) the operating system C) metadata D) forms, reports, and queries 82) 83) Which of the following is false regarding the process of creating the database? A) To modify an existing table, the developer opens the metadata form for that table and adds a new row of metadata. B) To create a new table, the developer just fills the new table s ʹ metadata into the form. C) A column can be removed by deleting its row in this table, though doing so will lose any existing data. D) Database developers use metadata to create tables, relationships, and other structures in the database. 83)
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Chapter 5 - Exam 5 MULT I P L E C HOICE. Choose t he one a...

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