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Curse of the Garcias – Androgen Insensitivity Question Sheet 1. What aspect of Imelda’s family history was unusual? While the women in her family were blessed with good looks, a majority of them were unable to bear children. 2. Which of Imelda’s chromosomes carries the mutant gene? The Y Chromosome carries the mutant SRY gene, and the X chromosome has an error in it, which cannot recognize the Y Chromosome. 3. Did Imelda receive her mutant gene from her mother or her father? I believe it was passed down from her mother. It also says though that it was believed to be an issue with the X chromosome, which is where the error lies in the syndrome. Males can develop this issue, I believe it to be passed down from her mother because it was a common occurrence in the females in her family. 4. Where is the SRY gene located and what does it do? The SRY gene is located on the Y chromosome, and is the sex determining gene. It must prompt the embryonic gonad to become a testis. The gene then causes the testes to produce
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BiolExtraCredit - Curse of the Garcias Androgen...

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