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DSCI 3710 Objectives of the first half part of DSCI 3710 Use hypothesis testing to support decisions. Know the elements of hypothesis testing: H 0 , H a , alpha, p-value, calculated value, critical value, decision rule, rejection region. Understand the concept of variability (measured as variance, st. deviation, Sum of Squares, Mean Square) and the role it plays when we try to compare means. Be familiar with z, t, and F distributions and know how to use their tables. Be able to work with averages ( μ , x ) and proportions ( p , p ˆ ) Understand the concepts of FACTOR and TREATMENT in ANOVA problems Develop critical thinking skills. Not simply be able to work out the mechanics of a problem, but realize how statistical analysis changes our understanding of a business situation, by interpreting the results of the analysis. Study Material for Exam 1
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