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Quainat Zaman Section 5 Lesson 4 TRE-89-22: Regular Diet Coke The mean is .816, and the median is .877 for the regular coke, however for the diet coke it is about .784. It can be concluded that there is not a significant difference from regular and diet. BBT-157-16: Outlier Coke The mean is .8116 pounds and the median is .8154 pounds. I would consider the can that is .79 pounds to be an outlier, but not significant enough to change the data greatly. TR9-71-15: Weekend Rainfall The mean is .068 inches, the median is zero and the midrange is .425 inches
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Unformatted text preview: for Thursday. For Sunday, the mean is .067 inches, the median is 0 and the midrange is .64 inches. This means that although the midrange is larger on Sundays, it is not valid to say that it always rains more on the weekends. In Lesson 5, ACT-2: Beanstalk Club Heights About 1/3 of women can join the club and a little less than 1/3 men can join. AS2-290-22: Female Heights I didn’t understand this question and the last one. I feel that maybe I misunderstood how to calculate the percentage from the diagram....
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