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stat 113 hw#5 - b-However the z-scores are.346 and.05...

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Quainat Zaman Stat 113 Sec. 5 Homework WEE-358-65: Weight a- The percentage of males that weight between 190 and 210lbs. is about 13.5%. b- The percentage of males that weigh less than 150lbs. is 3.8%. TES-225-13: TV Warranties a- The probability that the TV will have a replacement time of less than 5 years, is . 2%. b- The warranty length is 11.5 years. TRE-267-20: Body Temperatures a- The percentage of people who would be considered for having a fever would be 0, so that means that Bellevue’s cutoff is not appropriate. b- The temperature should be 99.2°F. DI3-116-38: Rainmakers? a- The most appropriate summary statistics are the ones labeled; median, Q1 and Q3 because they would be able to show the distribution of the amount of rain clearly on a boxplot. b- Seeding clouds is effective because there is a clear indication of more rainfall. M11-88-133: Sanitation Inspection of Cruise Ships a- The only outliers are 62 and 100.
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Unformatted text preview: b-However, the z-scores are .346 and .05. c-This indicates that the actual points 62 and 100 are not outliers then because the z-score has to be greater than 3 to be considered an outlier. d-WE7-135-113 BODY TEMPERATURE The median is 98.2°F, the lower median (Q1) is 98.5°F, the upper median(Q3) is 97.5°F and the data ranged from 96.5°F to 99.5°F . The IQR is .925. The outliers are 96.5°F and 99.5°F. M11-88-131 SPEECH LISTENING STUDY The median for the control group and treatment group were similar, however, the familiar treatment that used an efficient method of speaking had a higher median for accuracy. The standard deviation and IQR don’t identify each other because the standard deviation is about half the IQR. However, all three sets of data have outliers because the boxplot shows a wide difference in data for where each whisker runs....
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