IC summary - and objectives Developing the internal...

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Internal Communication- The Neglected Strategy Summary: In strategic planning, oftenly internal communication planning neglected. Many companies expend more on external communication planning as compared to internal communication planning: because they give high priority to external communication. Communication, is effected only if the message was clearly understand by the receiver, internal communication is always an essential element for a business to have a long-term success. To setup a successful internal communication strategy: the messages which are communicating within the organization should follow the company’ mission, vision, Values
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Unformatted text preview: and objectives. Developing the internal communication strategy a company must consider the following: 1. Objectives are measurable. 2. Involve management in the starting to secure their support. 3. Create awareness for importance of communication strategy. Outcomes of the strategy depend upon the planning, implementing, organizing, analysis, and consecutive monitoring last but not least the measurement. However, the effort of creating and applying the internal communication plan is quite beneficial for organization; in short, it will result in better-directed, committed, and efficient employees....
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IC summary - and objectives Developing the internal...

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