WK 3 Assg - Classical Societies Essay

WK 3 Assg - Classical Societies Essay - Classical Societies...

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Classical Societies 1 Classical Societies Desiree’ Forgason HUM/205 February 13, 2011 Shannon Rodgers
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Classical Societies 2 Classical societies have produced a magnificent array of artwork that continues to marvel both individuals and scholars in current and past learning of the art. In order to examine artwork in relation to its culture, it is necessary to break down each piece of artwork thoroughly to analyze the artwork. The artwork that will be examined will be “The Theater at Epidauros” from the Classical Greece period, the “Alexander the Great” from the Hellenistic Greece period, “Tomb of Hunting and Fishing” from Etruscan Civilization, “Pont du Gard” from the Roman A notable piece of art from the Classical Greece period is the “The theater at Epidauros,” (Benton & DiYanni, 2008). The theater at Epidauros was built in 350 B.C.E, this is a beautiful piece of sculpture. As this is where the Greeks went to watch plays. The theater could hold sixteen thousand people to enjoy the plays. This piece reveals the drama of Greece and the culture connection to the religion. The relationship between the art and the culture is they were a very religious country. It also, showed the growth of the Greek civilization. The genre of the art influenced the culture by showing the people that closeness is the best possible way as this is how they met for plays, dancing and chanting poetry, (Benton & DiYanni, 2008). The culture influenced the art as the people would come together to watch the performances. A magnificent sculpture found within Hellenistic Greece civilization is “Alexander the
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WK 3 Assg - Classical Societies Essay - Classical Societies...

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