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The environmental problem that I feel is significant to our city is the chemicals sprayed in the air to control the mosquitoes and the bugs in the sugar cane fields. I live in Iberia Parish, and here the farmers spray chemicals in the sugar cane fields and then we have mosquito control that sprays chemicals in the air. The main cause for all the chemical spraying is to the bugs. I feel that the cause is indeed related to human values and environmental ethics. The reason I feel this way is that if the farmers and mosquito control would not spray harmful chemicals in the air then we would have somewhat better air to breathe when outside enjoying the outdoors. In addition,
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Unformatted text preview: we would not have to run inside every time they would spray. If they were to use an organic spray in the air and on the fields to kill the mosquitoes and bugs in the fields, the air would not be so polluted with harmful chemicals. The chemicals that are used are not supposed to be not harmful to humans, pets, and planets. However, on the web site it has stated not to be outside when the trucks are spraying for mosquitoes. The web site states that the chemical is safe and environmentally friendly. Iberia Parish Government (2009)
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