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WK 1 CP - The Information Systems Department

WK 1 CP - The Information Systems Department -...

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The two organizational departments in a business that I have chosen are the human resources department and the accounting department. In the human resources department the best information system to use is office automation system this system supports the clerical staff this is to include managers (lower and middle), and knowledge workers. Another reason this is a good system for the human resources department to use is that they can communicate internally and externally with vital information or other employees or applicants. Other types of office information systems handle digital messages in the form of electronic mail, facsimile, and voice mail. Another category of office information systems allows different individuals to work
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Unformatted text preview: simultaneously on a shared project by using networked computers. In the accounting department, the best information system to use is functional area information system as this system helps the accounting department summarize data and prepare reports for the budget of the organization or company. This also helps the accounting department to show how much money spent on items and shows how much the revenue is for the company or organization for a period time. Today’s leading companies and organizations use the (ERP) enterprise resource planning system, this system supports various functional units – marketing, finance (accounting department), production, and human resources department....
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