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WK 3 Check Point - On line Auction

WK 3 Check Point - On line Auction - put on the market to...

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Check Point: On-line Auction E Bay works on a buy and sell market. It mostly has auctions on the items listed for sell. There are sellers from all over the world. The advantages of eBay offers to small-scale sellers is that if a seller has a couple of different items they want to sell, there may be someone out in the world that is looking for that one item that no one else has. The disadvantages of eBay to a small-scale seller are that someone else is selling the same item for less. The advantages of eBay to a large-scale seller are they have a larger quantity of items to
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Unformatted text preview: put on the market to sell at a lower price than what a small-scale or individual would price the item. The disadvantages of eBay to a large-scale seller are that one person that has all the same items at a lower price. Based on what I have learned from the eBay site yes, I would start using eBay for e-tail. I have an eBay account that I use to purchase items that are listed for sale. Sometimes I look to purchase on items with the buy it now and others it is best to go through the auction process, as it is cheaper to purchase....
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