WK 8 CP - Web 2.0 - just using what is there The advantages...

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2 Web 2.0 Desiree’ Forgason XBIS/219 January 14, 2011 Michael Peterson
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Web 2.0 2
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2 The way I would describe Web 2.0 to someone that has not taken the information system course is as follows. The way the World Wide Web has expanded. When it first came out (the internet) the only thing that people could do was e-mail and store information this is what was called “Web 1.0”. Currently, people can do so much more with the web. The web of today is the Web 2.0, not only can people e-mail they can research items of interest. People can now participate with each other. People have blogs and there are different communication sites like Twitter, Facebook, and My Space. People are also manipulating here data on the web instead of
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Unformatted text preview: just using what is there. The advantages to the new web are people have access to a world of information. It is also great new way to apply for jobs. The disadvantages to the new web are people can copy any information on the web and use it to their advantage. People can use the copy and paste method that is so well known and is allowed. There is also information overloading which the data and information cannot be verified for accuracy. Web 2.0 impacts business by letting the business post new job positions available, new news, old news, items that may be purchased, and services that are available. This is also a place where people can learn more about the business....
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WK 8 CP - Web 2.0 - just using what is there The advantages...

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