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Check Point - Capstone - This principle of incentive...

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XECO/212 – Week 9 – Capstone The Ten Principles of Economics are in use every day in our lives. These principles have a course of interplay that means we face many compromises in our lives. In small ways, they apply to every choice we make. Today, I traded my morning workout so I could work on my capstone and review my final project. The cost for me excelling in my schoolwork today is to give up some of my physical health exercises. This is a small cost, as I do not have to do my morning workout every day. The motivation is a strong one, since my degree is my greatest incentive. It is the route to a better and more satisfying life for my family and me. I make it my choice to put school first in my list of priorities. This trade is well worth it for me.
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Unformatted text preview: This principle of incentive demonstrated in laws made by the governments. The laws meant to provide incentives to people. Some laws are there to instill a strict penalty for failure to do things a specific way. The control of taxation and spending meant to exert influence on markets. I can now understand the government polices and political wrangling better because of studying the Principles of Economics. We are answering under the government’s tutelage to a much larger picture. I will continue to make use of these principles in my own small way to allow myself to keep my eye on the bigger picture. I can see the benefit analysis in a completely new light and hope that it will influence my decision on making processes in a positive way....
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