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Unformatted text preview: AU BON PAIN Restaurant - QUIZ # 2 (A) = T ru e (B ) = F alse an d (J) = N on e o r m o re than on e tru e an sw er 1. T . F . T h e P artn er / M an ager p rogram for A u B on P ain is b ased on a p ay for p erform an ce com p en sation sch em e th at in volves th e d elegation of au th ority to th ose in d ivid u als th at d ealt d irectly w ith th e cu stom ers. 2. T. F. Under this P artn er / M an ager p rogram th ere w as n o lim it to th e am ou n t of variab le com p en sation th at a P artn er / M an ager cou ld earn . 3. T. F. The P artn er / M an ager p rogram actu ally en d ed u p in creasin g th e R estau ran ts fixed exp en ses? 4. T. F. The Annual P artn er / M an ager b ase salary w en t from $19,500 to $26,000, w h ich w as a 33% in crease in m an agers earn in gs w h en com p ared to th e existin g p lan . 5. T. F. The annual recruiting expense went from $230,000 to only $60,000 just by substituting press releases instead of placing Want advertisements. This resulted in a savings to the company of releases instead of placing Want advertisements....
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