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Unformatted text preview: CENTER CUT Restaurant - QUIZ # 3 (A) = T ru e (B ) = F alse an d (J) = N on e o r m o re than on e tru e an sw er 1. T. F. Do you think the concept of (“ econ om ies of scale “) had any bearing on this case? 2. T. F. Because customers have such a variety of individual tastes and food norms, it’s impossible to always guarantee customer satisfaction as Tim claims that the “WAGS” program has done. 3. T. F. Tim rolled out and executed his drastic program during the slower months of operational income. He should have done it during the busier periods to measure its true effectiveness. 4. T. F. Based on the case, it appears that Tim wasted about six hours of his restaurant manager’s 5. valuable time in a meeting every Thursday – he could have accomplished the same results by using the modern technology readily available of having SKYPE or using conference calls. 6. T. F. The store lease payments could be adjusted annually....
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