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PET 4622 Chapter 19 review questions. 1. What type of joint is the hip? a. What bones make up the hip? b. What is the largest muscle group in the hip? i. What motions do they assist in? c. Which muscles flex the hip? d. Which muscles extend the hip? 2. Bursitis a. Where is it most frequently located? b. What is the best treatment for bursitis? 3. Quad and Hip Flexor Strains a. What muscle is mostly injured in a quad strain? b. Which muscles are mostly injured in a hip flexor strain? c. What does initial treatment include? d. How do we differentiate between Hip flexor or quad strain? (Discussed in class) 4. Hamstring Strain a. What are the three hamstring muscles? b. What are the two functions of the hamstring? c. Signs and symptoms d. Non-surgical treatment e. How long does it take for a mild hamstring strain to be
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Unformatted text preview: rehabilitated? f. How long does it take for a moderate hamstring strain to be rehabilitated? g. How long does it take for a severe hamstring strain to be rehabilitated? 5. Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) a. What is the IT band? b. What are the two locations for ITBS to be painful? c. Who are the people prone to ITBS d. What does the treatment begin with? 6. Quad contusions a. What is the MOI b. What are the two best things for treatment? (Discussed in class) c. What can develop if the Quad Contusion has not been treated appropriately? 7. Iliac Crest Contusion a. AKA b. MOI c. Signs and Symptoms 8. If a patient complains of low back pain what is your initial treatment recommendation and why? (Discussed in class)...
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