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PET_4622_Ch_20_Review_Questions - strain Which motion hurts...

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Chapter 20: The Elbow, wrist and hand Review Questions 1. What are the three bones on the elbow? a. What type of joint is the elbow? b. What are the three muscles that flex the arm at the elbow? 2. Contusions a. MOI b. What could possibly happen if the contusion is improperly treated? c. Treatment 3. Olecranon Bursitis a. Treatment of noninfected and infected bursitis b. Understand what a bursae is 4. Ulnar Nerve Contusion a. MOI b. What is the appropriate duration for ice application? c. Signs and Symptoms 5. Strains/Epicondylitis a. Wrist flexors attach on which epicondyle of the humerus? b. What is Tennis elbow? c. Wrist extensors attach on which epicondyle of the humerus? d. What is pitchers elbow? e. Explain the concern with little league elbow. f. What is the functional assessment for both a flexor strain and extensor
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Unformatted text preview: strain? Which motion hurts during Active ROM, Passive ROM, and Resistive ROM. 6. Sprains a. What are the three MOIs we discussed b. Signs and Symptoms c. Treatment 7. Nerve injury: What is affected with an injury to any of those? a. Ulna nerve – b. Radial nerve – c. Median nerve – 8. Fractures a. What is a boxer’s fracture b. What is jersey finger c. What is a colle’s fracture d. What are the two treatment with a fracture? 9. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome a. Which nerve is compressed? b. Signs and Symptoms 10. Jammed Finger a. What is the BEST initial treatment for a jammed finger? Discussed in class...
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