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Decision, Decisions-One Page Only - How to use This...

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How to use This Workbook You can create new problems by changing the amounts in the yellow cells. The correct answers will appear automatically. You should not look at the answers until you have worked out the solution by yourselvles. THEN look at the answer. Make Automatic Correct Answers Disappear. If you want to hide the answers you should highlight them, and then click on "Home" on the top menu. Then click on the down arrow next to the letter "A" on the second row of the menu at the top of the page. This will produce a menu with various colors on it. If you click on the "white" color the automatic solutions will disappear because they will blend into the white background. Make Automatic Correct Answers Reappear. To make them reappear follow this same procedure and then click on the "Black" or "red" color and the solutions will become visible again. The small arrows point to the cells that contain automatic solutions so you will know what cells to highlight if you want to make the solutions appear. Note: If the letter "A" does not show a color menu when you click on the drop-down menu arrow, then look for another letter "A" and click on its drop-down menu. What Cells to Enter Data Into
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Decision, Decisions-One Page Only - How to use This...

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