51 - PsychoCybernetics

51 - PsychoCybernetics - Psycho-Cybernetics Copyright...

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Unformatted text preview: Psycho-Cybernetics Copyright Philosophers Notes, LLC page 1 Psycho-Cybernetics A New Technique for Using Your SUBCONSCIOUS POWER by Maxwell Maltz Wilshire Book Company 1967 254 pages The Big Ideas Cybernetics Servo-mechanisms & you. The Success Instinct Weve all got it! Imagination The frst key. Dehypnotize Yourself! Starting now. :) Rational Thought How to use it. Natural Behavior & trusting yourself Acquire the Habit Whatre you wearing? Whatre Your Goals?!? Well, what are they? Nobodys Right ...All the time. Feel Successful! Super important. The Big Ideas Creative striving for a goal that is important to you as a result of your own deep-felt needs, aspirations and talents (and not the symbols which the Joneses expect you to display) brings happiness as well as success because you will be functioning as you were meant to function. Man is by nature a goal-striving being. And because man is built that way he is not happy unless he is functioning the way he was made to function--as a goal- striver. Thus true success and true happiness not only go together but each enhances the other. ~ Maxwell Maltz from Psych0-Cybernetics Psych0-Cybernetics. Funny name. Great book! Maxwell Maltz was a world-renowned plastic surgeon who discovered that, while some peoples lives changed dramatically after he altered their appearance through plastic surgery, some peoples lives *didnt*. He deduced that the primary factor that differenti- ated these groups was their self-image--not what they saw in the mirror but the images they had of themselves in their MINDS. Cool stuff. He spent the second half of his career merging this self-image psychology with the then-popular science of cybernetics--which studies how things like guided missiles or servo-mechanisms hit their targets through a clear goal and constant adjustment of their course. This book is *packed* with Big Ideas. If youre feelin it, I definitely recommend you check it out along with the audio stuff you can find on Amazon. For now, lets start by defining Cybernetics and learning what we have in common with a guided missile. :) Cybernetics: Servo-Mechanisms & You The word Cybernetics comes from a Greek word which means literally, the steers- man. Servo-mechanisms are so constructed that they automatically steer their way to a goal, target, or answer. When we conceive of the human brain and nervous system as a form of servo-mechanism, operating with Cybernetic principles, we gain a new insight into the why and wherefore of human behavior. I choose to call this new concept Psycho- Cybernetics: the principles of Cybernetics as applied to the human brain. Cybernetics . Its Greek for steersman. Cool....
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51 - PsychoCybernetics - Psycho-Cybernetics Copyright...

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