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ECE210 - Fall 2010 - Homework 05 (Due: Sep 29, 2010 at 5 p.m.) 1. Textbook problem 3.15 2. Textbook problem 3.17 3. Textbook problem 3.19 4. Textbook problem 3.20 5. Problem 5. (a) For the second-order difference equation d 2 v dt 2 + 3 dv dt + 2 v = e j 2 t (the same difference equation as in Problem 3.18 from Homework 4 but with a different right hand side), show that the particular solution is v p ( t ) = Ge j 2 t , where G is a complex constant, and solve for G.
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Unformatted text preview: (b) Find the real part of v p ( t ) and show that it is equal to your answer for Problem 3.18 from last week. (c) Find the particular solution for the forcing function (right hand side of the dierence equation) equal to e-j 2 t . (d) Use your answers from parts (a) and (c) to nd the solution to d 2 v dt 2 + 3 dv dt + 2 v = cos (2 t ) using Eulers relations and linearity. 1...
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