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10Fall_hw7 - ECE210 Fall 2010 Homework 07(Due at 5 p.m 1...

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ECE210 - Fall 2010 - Homework 07 (Due: Oct 13, 2010 at 5 p.m.) 1. Use the circuit from the Textbook problem 4.11 with the following modifications; replace the input voltage source with a general voltage source v in ( t ) , replace the 2 F capacitor with a 10 μ F capacitor, and the 1 H inductor with a 1 mH inductor. (a) Get the frequency response of the system H ( ω ) = V ( ω ) V in ( ω ) . (b) Plot the magnitude frequency response | H ( ω ) | , as a dB plot from 10 1 to 10 7 rad sec . (Check p. 175 for explanations on dB plots) 2. Textbook problem 5.5 3. Starting from the circuit of Ex 5.1 (p. 182) analyze the circuit using phasors. Assume that v ( t ) and i ( t ) may be written as the real part of a complex constant times e jωt , and express the current and the voltage across the inductor and the capacitor. Explain exactly the meaning of this solution in a short paragraph, that is clearly written. One or two sentences is required. Use clear English. (a) Describe the current phasor relative to the input voltage phasor (b) Discuss the phasor describing the voltage across the inductor re the input phasor.
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