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ECE210 - Fall 2010 - Homework 07 (Due: Oct 13, 2010 at 5 p.m.) 1. Use the circuit from the Textbook problem 4.11 with the following modifications; replace the input voltage source with a general voltage source v in ( t ) , replace the 2 F capacitor with a 10 μ F capacitor, and the 1 H inductor with a 1 mH inductor. (a) Get the frequency response of the system H ( ω ) = V ( ω ) V in ( ω ) . (b) Plot the magnitude frequency response | H ( ω ) | , as a dB plot from 10 1 to 10 7 rad sec . (Check p. 175 for explanations on dB plots) 2. Textbook problem 5.5 3. Starting from the circuit of Ex 5.1 (p. 182) analyze the circuit using phasors. Assume that v ( t ) and i ( t ) may be written as the real part of a complex constant times e jωt , and express the current and the voltage across the inductor and the capacitor. Explain exactly the meaning of this solution in a short paragraph, that is clearly written. One or two sentences is required. Use clear English. (a) Describe the current phasor relative to the input voltage phasor
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