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ECE-600 Introduction to Digital Signal Processing Autumn 2010 Homework #8 Nov. 24, 2010 HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #8 Due Fri. Dec. 4, 2010 (in class) 1. Using Matlab, you are to design a bandpass flter that suppresses the signal over the Frequency ranges ω [0 , 0 . 2 π ] and ω [0 . 6 π, π ] and that passes the signal over the Frequency range ω [0 . 3 π, 0 . 5 π ]. The maximum allowed stopband gain is - 50dB and the allowed passband deviation From unit gain is at most 0 . 5dB. ±or each oF the design methods below, you are to i) design a flter with the minimum length that satisfes the specifcations, ii) plot the DT±T magnitude response oF the flter in dB over ω [0 , π ], and iii) plot zoomed DT±Ts in the passband and stopbands clearly showing that the flter meets the specs.
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Unformatted text preview: (a) Hamming window GLP IR flter (b) Kaiser window GLP IR flter (c) Weighted least-squares GLP IR flter (d) Equiripple GLP IR flter (e) Butterworth IIR flter (F) Chebyshev-I IIR flter (g) Chebyshev-II IIR flter (h) Elliptic IIR flter Your score will depend on how close you come to fnding the minimum order For each flter. However, you will get very Few points iF you provide a design that does not meet the specifcations! When fnished, summarize your flter orders in a table. 2. or the 4 IIR flters designed above in 1.(e)1.(h), plot the group delays using grpdelay . Which oF the IIR flters has the smallest group delay variation over the passband? P. Schniter, 2010 1...
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