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ECE 716 Autumn 2010 HOMEWORK 3 Due Friday October 15 1. Problem 3.11 2. Problem 3.14 3. Problem 3.18 a and b only 4. When a light wave propagating in vacuum enters a dielectric material (n>1), which of the following change? Give equations or physical arguments to support your answers. a. wavelength b. velocity
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Unformatted text preview: c. wave number d. angular frequency 5. A plane wave propagating in a medium is described by E = E e j 9.42 10 6 z ( ) e j 1.88 10 15 t ( ) What is the refractive index of the medium? What is the velocity of light in the medium? 6. Problem 3.21 7. Problem 3.22 8. Problem 3.24...
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