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ECE 716 Autumn 2010 HOMEWORK 4 Due Friday October 22 1. Problem 4.1 2. Problem 4.2 3. Consider a bi-convex lens. Bi-convex means that the radii of curvature of both side area the same, but they are both convex. a. If the lens is taken to be a thin lens, and if the radius of curvature of the first surface is 50 cm, and the lens is made of glass with n , what are the front and back focal lengths? b. Now let the lens have a finite thickness, say 3mm. How much difference does that make (what are the new focal lengths?)
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Problem 4.6 5. Problem 4.9 6. (old exam problem) For each of the optical situations below, indicate which of the suggested matrices, if any, describes it. Explain your reasoning. The region between the dashed lines is an unspecified optical system, and the rays going into (left) and out of (right) the system are shown. B C D ⎡ ⎣ ⎢ ⎤ ⎦ ⎥ A C D ⎡ ⎣ ⎢ ⎤ ⎦ ⎥ A B D ⎡ ⎣ ⎢ ⎤ ⎦ ⎥ A B C ⎡ ⎣ ⎢ ⎤ ⎦ ⎥...
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