HW 6 - square aperture. 2. Problem 6.3 3. Problem 6.4. 4....

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ECE 716 Autumn 2010 HOMEWORK 6 Due Monday Nov 8 1. You wish to demonstrate a far-field diffraction pattern to impress your friends. You have a laser pointer for a source, with λ = 0.632 μ m . Your observation screen cannot be farther than 10 cm away from the aperture or the beam becomes too dim to see. If the features must be at least a millimeter apart (zero-to-zero) for your friends to see them, what is the maximum size of the aperture? Assume a
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Unformatted text preview: square aperture. 2. Problem 6.3 3. Problem 6.4. 4. Problem 6.5 Part (a) only 5. A plane wave traveling along the z axis is incident on a thin lens of focal length f . How will the lens transform the wave? Write down the expression for the result you expect. You should be able to do it by inspection by now....
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