Lecture14 - 1 ECE & CSE ECE-CSE 861:...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 ECE & CSE ECE-CSE 861: Introduction to Computer Communication Networks Ness B. Shroff ECE & CSE Lecture 14 ECE & CSE Real Network Traffic In actual LAN or WAN type of environments, packet lengths are strongly Bimodal, sometimes Trimodal. Most sessions (TCP sessions) are short lived but generate only about 20% of the traffic. The long sessions generate most of the traffic but are fewer in number P(m) m=size of packets Since bit rates are fixed service distribution is also bimodal or trimodal, hence exponential service time distribution is not realistic Exponential service time distributions are not good models in practice! ECE & CSE M/G/1 Hence, we will study models with general service time distributions (M/G/1). Arrivals: Poisson ( ) Service time: General n denotes the service time of n th arrival n are i.i.d random variables such that 2 ) var( 1 ) ( = = E ECE & CSE M/G/1: Main Results Mean Queue Length:...
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Lecture14 - 1 ECE & CSE ECE-CSE 861:...

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