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3Lucent Technologies Case

3Lucent Technologies Case - Lucent Technologies Case 1...

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Lucent Technologies Case 1 Lucent Technologies Case Amrita Martin ACC 230 February 20, 2011 Christopher Fountain
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Lucent Technologies Case 2 Lucent Technologies helps their consumers better manage their networks by designing and delivering the tools that drive communication networks of the next generation. The customer base for Lucent Technologies is notably large. It stretches from communications service providers, governments, and many other worldwide enterprises. Although the customer base is extensive, the reduction in capital spending and a decrease in the competitive local exchange market caused the global telecommunications market to go down hill in the beginning of the 2001 fiscal year. This continued through 2002 and 2003. General economic slowdown, network overcapacity, and customer bankruptcies were some of the reasons this market declined (Fraser & Ormiston, 2007). According to the case study, Lucent Technologies states that the market for telecommunication has become stable and is starting to expand in specific areas.
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