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Triana Rego Art November 26, 2008 Extra Credit: Movie on Michael Angelo As a perfectionist, Michael Angelo may not have been that Anyone can see them but in Michael Angelo’s time they were kept away. Creator All of his life, he drew but only a small portion of the artworks survived. He was a perfectionist and destroyed most of them because he though t they weren’t good enough. Born in Florence in 1475. father did not like his sons dream of being an artist. But Michael became the helper of the artist, Dile, when Michael angelo was only 12 years old. Kept a paper with a drawing , and reused it by drawing a face that was drawn in the
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Unformatted text preview: sistene chapel on the back. He taught himself to sculpt. In the great 1490s he made the great sculpture of christ. his only signed sculpture. Florence had become republican once more and the gigantic statue of goliath marked Michael angelos political sympathies for life.he agreed to paint a grand mural of a victory of soldiers in the battle of cashina.The copy we saw was not nearly as good as the one that Michael angelo made, we know this because of the sketches....
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