huntington the hispanic challenge

huntington the hispanic challenge - Huntington "The...

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Huntington “The Hispanic Challenge” Main Point: By ignoring the question of a single nat’l identity with a core Anglo-Protestant culture, Americans acquiesce to the eventual transformation into 2 peoples (Anglo and Hispanic) and 2 langu ages (English and Spanish) (which is BAD) o American identity now defined in terms of culture + creed (product of Anglo-Protestant culture of founding settlers – English, Christianity, rule of law, rights of individuals, duty to try to create a “city on a hill”) Came under assault b/c of doctrines of multiculturalism and diversity o Difference in LA immigration (particularly Mexico) as compared to earlier immig. o Contiguity – extensive land border encourages immigration o Scale – legal and illegal, also high fertility rate, ½ of all immigrants speak Spanish o Illegality o Regional Concentration – i.e. S. CA, NY, Miami – less assimilation o Persistence – no sign of this wave of immigration tapering off o Historical presence – they assert a historical claim to the land (SW US was part of Mexico) o Spanglish as a 2 nd Language o “Linguistically isolated,” most speak Spanish at home and very little English o Lag in education o Differ from past immigrants in that later generations retain competence in Spanish
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huntington the hispanic challenge - Huntington "The...

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