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FormattedFeetInch - f inches = feet INCHES_IN_FOOT i...

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// File: FormattedFeetInch.java // Author: Amber Settle // Course: CSC 211 // Purpose: A program to demonstrate formatting output using // the printf method / import java.util.Scanner; i public class FormattedFeetInch { public static void main(String[] args) { final double INCHES_IN_FOOT = 12.0; f double feet, inches; int wholeInches; i Scanner inputNum = new Scanner(System.in); S System.out.print("Enter a number in feet: "); feet = inputNum.nextDouble();
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Unformatted text preview: f inches = feet * INCHES_IN_FOOT; i System.out.println(); S System.out.printf("%.2f feet is %10.2f inches\n\n", feet, inches); S System.out.print("Now, enter a whole number in inches: "); wholeInches = inputNum.nextInt(); w feet = wholeInches / INCHES_IN_FOOT; f System.out.println(); S System.out.printf("%2$d inches is %1$.6f feet\n", feet, wholeInches); } }...
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