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// File: // Author: Amber Settle // Course: CSC 211 // Purpose: Calculate movie ticket sales in order to demonstrate // how to do file I/O / import*; import java.util.*; i public class CalculateSales { public static void main(String[] args) throws FileNotFoundException { final double ADULT_PRICE = 9.50; final double CHILD_PRICE = 5.00; f int adultTickets, childTickets; double adultSales, childSales, totalSales; String code = new String(); String nameOfFile; S // Use standard input Scanner inScan = new Scanner(; S // Open the input and output files System.out.print("Enter the name of the input file: "); nameOfFile =; n // Create files for input and output Scanner fileScan = new Scanner( new FileReader(nameOfFile)); PrintWriter outFile = new PrintWriter("ticketSales.txt"); P // Input from the keyboard /* while (!code.equals("quit")) { System.out.print("Enter the sale code or \"quit\" to quit: "); code =; code = code.toLowerCase();
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This note was uploaded on 03/05/2011 for the course CSC 211 taught by Professor Chan during the Spring '11 term at CA Health Sciences.

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