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// File: // Course: CSC 211 // Author: Amber Settle // Purpose: Demonstrate iterated if-else branching / import java.util.Scanner; i public class GradeRemarks { // Prompt the user for a letter grade, and make an appropriate remark / public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner letterScanner = new Scanner(; S System.out.print("Enter your letter grade (A - F): "); String gradeText =; char grade = gradeText.charAt(0); // What happens if the user enters a lower case letter? // What happens if we use the following instead?
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Unformatted text preview: //char grade = gradeText.toUpperCase().charAt(0); // Without this, how would we modify the if-else statements // for lower case letters? / String reply; S if (grade == 'A') reply = "Excellent job!"; else if (grade == 'B') reply = "That's good."; else if (grade == 'C') reply = "You passed, unless you are in your prerequisite phase."; else if (grade == 'D') reply = "Not passing if required for your major."; else if (grade == 'F') reply = "Sorry, you failed."; else reply = "Not a valid grade."; r System.out.println(reply); } }...
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